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Meet Kendahl

Kendahl Airey is a bodyworker, public speaker, educator, avid runner and entrepreneur with a true passion for healing the mind and body. Her extensive continuing education includes classes in Active Release Technique, Personal Training, Thai Massage, Sports Massage, whiplash, TMJ, among many other modalities. Getting the best education from the best sources is important, and in recognizing this she has not only been a life long learner but also a teacher

Kendahl’s Story:


         I’ve worked with a wide variety of individuals, and receive a great gift when helping people live better lives. While my focus is Performance which has lead me to be fortunate enough to work with top athletes, business professionals, and celebrities, I also love working with injuries. I am passionate about assisting people to excel mentally and physically to their best abilities. 


    People of passion always have a story. Few people wake up with an insatiable purpose with their life without an experience that lead them there. I am no different. When I was pregnant I got into a car accident. I had just invested my life savings into a new business, and I had no net to catch me. For months after the car accident I was in so much pain I could not walk upright. Doctors couldn’t help me because I was pregnant. I had no way to provide for myself or the little Keira growing inside of me.  I was at a loss. Depressed and desperate for solutions I went into a Chiropractors office (I had not been enlightened as to the magic) -  and I walked out upright. It was nothing short of a miracle!  From that moment on I have been obsessed with giving each client not only the best healing massage possible but the best experience. 


    Since that car accident in 2006 my career has been blessed. I have worked with a huge variety of individuals from A-List Celebrities and Professional Athletes, to Car Accident Victims, to Famous Entreprenuers, to those individuals in so much pain they save to use my services. I have learned from top Chiropractors in the Nation, worked at the top spas, and taken the best soft tissue courses in the country. I live by the principle that it doesn’t matter what you do in life, as long as you are the best at it. That is what I strive for every day. 

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