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Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

This award winning blended massage has been voted the best serious massage by Dallas Observer. This intuitive massage deals with muscle tension, soreness, injuries and neurological performance. Long, Deep strokes with trigger point therapy and A.R.T. when needed. Faster, lighter stokes are used for recovery. 

Thai Fusion Massage

Deep Stretches on the table, in combination with Deep Tissue Massage. Best for those who are athletic or have been in the past and need Deep stretching with their massages. This massage is full of deep, passive, full body stretches as well as active communication. Gain Flexibility, improve your life.

Post Surgical Massage

Lymphatic Massage with light strokes with lymphatic tapping to speed up recovery. Usually used after cosmetic surgery, it is also useful with sports surgeries and oncology recovery (I trained at M.D. Anderson for Oncology bodywork)

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